Kristine, Carolyn, Stephanie

The Creators of Fifi and Fanny

Musical comedy duo Fifi & Fanny have performed together since 2007 in venues across the country, including Miami, Florida, and Denver, Colorado, for GALA Choruses.

The team work began when a choir director and two choir members began emcee-ing church talent shows and fundraiser. They were a hit.

Soon they were producing live theater comedy shows and expanded the fun by launching one year of weekly short films on YouTube, “Fifi & Fanny Friday Films,” and one year of radio shows.

Choral Director Stephanie Lynne Smith on piano plays uptight “Fanny.” Singer/comedian Carolyn Eidson plays ditzy “Fifi” and copywriter Kristine Poggioli does all the behind scenes work – selling tickets, making posters, running lights and sound, (and writing the good lines for which she gets no credit!)

And all three have amazing artistic creative lives outside the time they spend on Fifi & Fanny shows. Read more about each one here:

Carolyn Eidson filmmaker, writer, comedian

Kristine Poggioli author, DIY queen, SEO pro

Stephanie Lynne Smith concert pianist, conductor, worship leader and actor